Fund Details
2021 Unrestricted Grant Cycle


Grants will be targeted for projects that improve the quality of life of the citizens of Orange County and fall into the following categories.

- Arts and Cultural 
- Civic and Historical
- Community Development
- Education
- Health and Human Services
- Recreation
- Youth 

Grants that fund the following are HIGHER PRIORITY

 - Higher percentage of population reached
 - Services Orange County as a whole
 - Prevents rather than remediates
 - Increases individual access to community resources
 - Promotes independence
 - Examines and addresses the underlying causes of local problems and issues
 - Attracts volunteer resources and support
 - Strengthens the non-profit sector
 - Encourages collaboration among organizations 
 - Builds the capacity of the organization
 - Offers services not already available in the community
 - Creates new job(s) 

Grants that fund the following are LOWER PRIORITY

 - New or routine maintenance or construction projects (except renovations of existing facilities that enable the organization to provide a better quality of service to Orange County)
 - Annual giving or capital campaigns  
 - Normal operating expenses (except start-up expenses) 
 - Computer hardware equipment purchase
 - Provided multi-year funding to organizations that have received an OCCF grant in the previous year (however, the grants committee reserves the right to fund a program more than once within a year if committee members determine that the program is sufficiently beneficial to Orange County) 
 - Organizations having an existing tax-base of support

The Following are absolutely not funded

 - Advocacy or political purposes
 - Promotion of the teachings of a particular church, denomination, or religion
 - General group or individual travel expenses
 - Debt, new or existing
 - Individuals, except in conformance with the purposes of the Foundation as set forth in the Articles of Incorporation
 - Re-granting (funds earmarked to grant to another organization)

Begin Accepting Applications Date:
Deadline Date (EST Time Zone):
4/05/2021 4:00 PM